100th Class Offspring Attends the Academy!

The Class of 2025 includes Ryan Basford ‘25, son of Steve Basford (3rd Co.).  With Ryan, our legacy, sons and daughters who have attended the Naval Academy, has hit triple digits!  We have been stuck on 99 since the Class of ’22 but we finally broke through.  Additionally, Steve’s father was Class of ’54 so Ryan is the 13th son or daughter whose father was also the son of a grad.

Our class included 68 sons of Academy grads, four grandsons of Naval Academy grads and two who were the sons and grandsons of Naval Academy grads.  However, what we haven’t tracked is how many of the 100 sons and daughters who attended the Academy had a maternal grandfathers who went to the Academy. We know of at least two, Bob Novak’s (34th Co.) son Patrick and Arch Griffin’s (22nd Co.) son Jeff both have maternal grandfathers who went to the Academy. 

Unfortunately the Alumni Association doesn’t track numbers like these so we don’t how our class stacks up to other classes.