Al Baker’s Book Foundations of Chaplaincy to be Released February 18, 2021

Navy Chaplain and Rear Admiral Alan Baker (10th Co.) has written an approachable overview of the nature, purpose, and functional roles of chaplaincy that will be published February 18, 2021. Al writes that Chaplaincy is unlike any other kind of ministry. It involves working outside a church, without a congregation, usually in a secular organization. Chaplains who serve in healthcare, the military, correctional institutions, police and fire departments, sports teams, college campuses, and corporations have essential roles to play in their respective organizations, but theirs is rarely an easy calling. With Foundations of Chaplaincy as an introduction and an ongoing reference, those called to this important vocation may be assured of having the tools they need to cultivate a strong, mission-driven pastoral identity rooted in their own theological tradition while simultaneously participating in a multi-faith team.

This book has been added to the Class Authors page, Al is the 15th author on the Class Author’s page.