Ed Kee’s new book Market Failure added to Class Authors page

On Ed Kee’s (34th Co.) company website, Nuclear Economics Consulting Group (NECG), Ed wrote that nuclear power is too important to be left to the market and during the pandemic completed a book on nuclear power market failure which was released in January 2021. The book includes information on the nuclear power and electricity industries, market failure in the nuclear power industry, and some ideas about resolving this market failure.

Ed also wrote that the ideas in this book were developed in client engagements, published articles, presentations, discussions with industry experts, and Nuclear Economics Consulting Group (NECG) Commentaries.  NECG’s Affiliated Experts and other colleagues provided helpful comments and suggestions on the concepts in this book.

We have added Ed Kee’s (34th Co.) new book to the Class Authors page. Ed is the 14th author on the Class Author’s page.