New poems from Jack McCourt add to the Website

Twelve new poems written by our prolific poet Jack McCourt (1st Co.) from July 2018 until August 2020 were add to the Website to the already 15 poems of his on the Professional writings page. In my humble opinion the best of the bunch and for that matter the best of all of his poems is The Ballad of Mucca McCourt , a testament to his great Dad. Jack considered it one of the two best poems/lyrics that he had written.  It was started on February 26, 2019, his Mom’s and daughter’s birthday, and completed July 9, 2019. and was my Mother’s birthday).  Jack’s Dad was a Navy SK who served in the Pacific campaign during WWII. He falsified his birthday by a year to join when he was 17. There are three pictures of him with the poem.

The other poems include Get Carter! which is about his friend, former roommate and USNA 78 brother.