Robert Lamont’s books added to the website!

As I said when I announced that we had added John Hemry’s books, professional writings and videos to the website, one of the great things that I have found while building and populating the website is that it has uncovered for me and much of the class classmates who have are very accomplished. Robert Lamont (3rd Co.) is another very accomplished military fiction writer. The bio from his authors page on Amazon describes Robert as:

About Robert W. Lamont

The author’s previous writing experience include numerous articles for professional journals including: Armor Magazine, the Marine Corps Gazette, Strategy & Tactics, and the Phalanx Magazine. His first romance novel, “Annette of the Red Fox Inn” is available on Amazon. The author spent twenty-two years in the Marine Corps including tours with the Marine Detachment aboard USS Constellation (CV-64) and the USS Cleveland (LPD-7) as a Combat Cargo Officer. He has traveled extensively across the Pacific rim and seen firsthand the interactions between sailors and Marines that are universal to service afloat.

An avid recreational sailor, the author has plied the waters off the Southern California Coast and chartered sailboats in the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean and French Polynesia in the South Pacific. The HMS COMET series captures many of these experiences:
“Pirates and Passion” introduces the crew and takes the across the Atlantic to engage pirates in Caribbean Waters. Book 2, “Rumors of War” returns the crew to England just prior to the start of the War of the Quadruple Alliance. Book 3, “Defeat & Victory” shepherds the ship through this conflict. Book 4, “Exploration” carries HMS COMET on a circumnavigation of the globe. This last volume is out now.

You can access more information on his author’s page on Amazon.

We’ve added 10 of Robert’s books to the Class Author’s page (he is the 11th author on the page) including the HMS Comet series which Robert thinks our blue water sailors will appreciate.