Update on Kathy Lynch (Kevin 26th Co.) from Vince Balderrama

My ’78 brothers (and sisters),

As your Class Scribe, I report with great sadness that on Sunday, 19 July, our ’78 brother Kevin “Grinch” Lynch lost the love of his life, his best friend and wife of over 40 years, Kathy.  Around her were Grinch and their children Liam, Meg and Kait. She drew her last breath just as the Priest and all uttered a final “Amen” at Last Rites conclusion. 

I refuse to say that Kathy “lost her battle” with cancer.  If you knew Kathy, you know she did not lose.  She excelled at life with a vitality that more than matched the exuberance of her soulmate, Grinch.  As a devout Catholic, I am sure Kathy would be the first to instead say that it was her time to move to heaven and be with her heavenly Father. I am sure she now has God’s ear and will make sure He keeps her beloved Red Sox and Patriots winning.  Moreover, I am also sure she will keep putting in a “good word” on behalf of her family, friends and all those kids whose lives she touched and so greatly impacted in her over 32 years as an educator. That was Kathy’s way – taking care of others.  That said, Grinch encourages you all to memorialize and emulate by taking a page out of her book and perform a “Selfless Act of Kindness”.  My words can’t do justice to her life; so I encourage you to read Grinch’s words that lovingly and succinctly captured it in her obituary

Services were held this past weekend in Newport, RI.  Regrettably, the COVID-related severe restrictions Rhode Island placed on attendance at services made broader attendance nearly impossible. Grinch knew this and understood that while many of you expressed a desire to rush up and support him and his family with your presence – that could not be.  I suggest instead, a note, an e-mail or a call expressing your support.  When this pandemic is over, and you pass through Newport, give him a call, have a beer with him.  For now, he knows and appreciates that we will be with him in spirit and embrace him and his family with our prayers of comfort.

Launchin’ Spot Four, with angel’s wings and a prayer,