The Class of 1969 brought four successful years of Another Link in the Chain support to the Class of 2019 with their final duty of presenting each graduate with butter bars. A team of 12 69’ers handed bars to each new ensign and 2nd lieutenant who walked across the stage. They did not wear straw hats this year but did look smart in matching white N-Star ball caps!The Class of 2020 dipped their rings and brought 2nd Class year to an end in style with a “Roaring Twenties”-themed dance. The Class of 1970 was dutifully on hand to assist in the celebrations, proving themselves worthy as mentors and role models once again. After all, everyone should know the finer elements of form for both the Charleston and Lindy Hop, should they not?The Class of 1971 donated 12 rings that were presented to the Class of 2021 in a solemn “Bonds of Gold” ceremony in Memorial Hall. The donated rings will be melted down and added to the gold used to forge the midshipman rings, creating a lifelong physical bond between the two classes.The Class of 2022 became “Plebes No More” under the watchful eyes of the Class of 1972. Their members turned out to cheer the midshipmen on. We thought for a few minutes during the melee that ’22 would be the class from which a female midshipman would make it to the top, but even though ’72 led the crowd in a “Push Her Up” chant, alas, it was not (yet) meant to be.I-Day has come and gone, and with it, one more ALITC connection between the classes of 1973 and 2023. Bravo Zulu to ’73 for a giant turnout of classmates and the tremendous support they provided to the plebe parents. They remained through the day to see the Class of ’23 sworn in. The two classes met again for the Honor Coin Ceremony in July when ’73 presented each member of ’23 with an honor coin specially designed for the occasion.Other Upcoming ALITC Events:

16 August 2019 1/C Delayed Graduation 2019-1969
20 August 2019 2/C Commitment Dinner 2021-1971November
21 November 2019 1/C Service Community Assignment Night 2020-1970Did you know?The Alumni Association houses an extensive collection of Lucky Bags and is happy to give them away to alumni (or family of alumni) who need a replacement. If you know a classmate or family member that would like a Lucky Bag, please have them contact (410) 295-4000 to inquire.