Sutherland, Lee Elliot

From 78 Lucky Bag

Lee Sutherland greeted his death as he had greeted his birth, innocently and hopefully. After wrestling his way into the Naval Academy he discovered a new life through submitting himself to our Lord Jesus Christ; and Lee blossomed toward Christian maturity from that moment forth. He opened himself wide to the world and to those around him. For Lee there was time for everything; time to read the Scriptures; time to assist other midshipmen in the studies, time to talk; time to pray; time to write; time to be tactful; time to pray; time to challenge errors; time to correct wrongs; and always there was time to witness for our Risen Lord. Lee Sutherland, respected by the whole communion of saints in heaven and on earth, fully shares another new life with Christ in His victory over death. So let our sorrow turn to joy as we proclaim and celebrate the sure and certain hope of resurrection to which Lee and all of us hold fast.