Maszun, Curtis Franz

Captain “Curt” Maszun, USMC (Ret.), passed away on 2 January 2010. Curt was born in Regensburg, Germany, on 15 March 1956 at an Army base. He was German, although his mother, Edeltrude, had come from Austria and his father, Alfred from the United States. He had an older sister, Dagmar. All of Curt’s family have been in Heaven waiting for his arrival.

Curt’s early years were spent growing up in Germany, then Taiwan. He moved to Baltimore, MD, where he attended Catholic school, which he thought, taught him how to study. He was very much the athlete and a star football and lacrosse player. He earned athletic scholarships to attend Johns Hopkins and Yale, but turned them down to attend the Naval Academy. His dream was to fly. At the Academy, he was in the 14th Company with the nickname of “Hun”(Attila the Hun).After graduating in 1978, his schooling consisted of SERE, Top Gun, WTI, and the Naval Postgraduate School, where he graduated first in his class. Curt was with VMFA-212 in Hawaii. His first deployment to the Philippines earned him the call sign of “Monsoon.” On one deployment in 1988, he took a team to the Mediterranean on NASSAU (LHA-4) for six months. He was the platoon commander for second ANGLICO.

Along with many other decorations, his favorites were his flight Wings, gold Jump Wings, Navy Defense Service and Sea Service Medal (with three Stars). He was also proud that he had flown more than 1,000 hours in the F-4,was carrier qualified and had made eye contact with his first MIG. Eyesight problems caused him to leave flying and he joined Special Ops as a sniper. He retired as a captain in December 1990. Upon becoming a civilian, he went into manufacturing. He joined Sealy Mattress Company in 2000. He was the director of manufacturing at the Richmond, CA, plant. Curt loved animals and was a huge football fan. He didn’t want to miss a game, especially Army-Navy. His greatest passion was golf. He always said that if he had his wish of when to go, he wanted it to be on the golf course. God granted him that wish.

Memorial services were conducted on 16 January 2010 with interment at Saint Matthew Lutheran Church in Walnut Creek, CA. Military honors were provided by the Marines and the VFW.

Written in loving memory by his “shipmate,” Renate Schoenberg