The Tradition Continues: Week of Gratitude 2022

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Happy New Year, Alumni, Parents and Friends:

This week, we celebrate the 3rd annual Week of Gratitude, during our Year of Gratitude! Can you tell we appreciate you and want you to know it?

We look forward each year, as an Enterprise, to commit this week to connecting with as many of you as we can, by reaching you via phone, social media, email or otherwise to express our gratitude.

Something new for the 2022 Week of Gratitude! To celebrate the Week of Gratitude—in the Year of Gratitude—we’re inviting you to be a part of our commemorative mosaic of Bancroft Hall.

  1. Go to
  2. Simply click the “Add a photo” button
  3. Complete the form to upload a favorite photo and message with your thoughts on how you value your Naval Academy connection, what it has done for you, or why you give and/or volunteer
  4. Your image will become a part of the design!

We look forward to sharing our gratitude and memories with you this week.