Seeking Class Sports Legends


Our Class Officers have been tasked with identifying our Class Sports Legends! I am acting as POC for the project. We have started by reaching out to Team Captains for all Varsity Sports, Club Sports as well asking feedback for any Company Sport Legends. The tasking comes from Chet Gladchuk (Navy AD) to recognized athletes that our class would consider worthy for display in the Terwilliger Center for Student Athletes. Please see the 3 attachments – Class of 78 Navy Sports Legends Cover Letter(outlines the program); Hall of Fame & Captains Listing (our HoF and Captains listing) and Sample Sports Legend Bio from Class of 1982 for your review. We are tasked with pulling together our Class’s Sports Legends, and thought we should also reach out via FB for your help in identifying those who we believe are Sports Legends!

Please feel free to comment here, or you can send me an email directly to


Rusty Cone