Notes from USNA Council of Class Presidents Meeting


Last Friday I attended a Council of Class Presidents meeting in Annapolis where the Alumni Association and Foundation and the Superintendent gave us an update on matters of interest.

The Superintendent briefed us that COVID restrictions were over.  Graduation/commissioning ceremonies this year will be conducted with no limitations on the number of invited guests.  The Mids will form up on the football field, and guests will be in the stands as in years past.  He also announced that President Biden would be attending the ceremonies.

The Supe added that summer training will be back to normal after two years of modified training.  Last year, summer cruises were only allowed on ships out of the East and West coasts.  This year, Mids can be sent to any ship around the world.  I-day will also be held on one day; in 2020 I-day was conducted over 4 days, and in 2021, I-day was held over 2 days.

In academic news, USNA had a Mid selected as our 54th Rhodes scholar.  Additionally, 3 of 7 Marshall nominees received scholarships.

In sports, Navy reigned large in Star-competitions against Army this year.  Going into the weekend, Navy had won 18 of 20 Star-competitions with 4 remaining during the weekend.  Navy split the remaining 4 contests winning a thriller in men’s Lax and won men’s tennis while dropping baseball and women’s Lax.  Navy wins the annual Star-competition 20-4! Beat Army!

The Supe also told us that USNA has now completed its Strategic Plan 2030 which describes its goals and objectives to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.  Our Naval Academy Alumni Association & Foundation (AA&F) is working closely with USNA to determine how we can help the Superintendent meet the goals of this strategic plan. The specific areas where our AA&F can assist USNA in meeting these goals will be articulated into the AA&F’s Strategic Plan 2030 which should be completed in the next year or so.  The Class of 1978 will then consult the AA&F 2030 strategic plan in creating the second half of our 50th Class gift.

One important take away from the Supe’s brief concerns flooding in the Yard.  From 1930 to 1969, the Yard flooded 40 times.  Since 1990, the Yard has flooded 40 times.  Now, in one year, the Yard floods 40 times, every year. If nothing is done to stop the flooding, by 2050, the Yard will flood every day.  His biggest challenge as Superintendent is to get in place a 40-year flood abatement program.  He is very actively working this with the Department of the Navy as it is responsible for infrastructure and it must provide appropriated dollars in the Defense Budget to remedy this.

I will provide additional updates as I get them.

Fair winds…


Glen Woods

President, USNA Class of 1978