Extension of Voting to October 11

Classmates –

With the commencement of voting, the Election Committee heard from a number of  Classmates with concerns about whether all of the candidates had equal access to canvassing for votes. After a careful review of the situation, the Election Committee determined that, although everything, so far, was within the Bylaws, there may have been some confusion about what was allowable.

In an effort to ensure that every candidate has the same access to the whole Class for getting their position out and asking for votes, the Election Committee made a recommendation to the Class Board to:

  1. Allow each candidate to make one (1) personal request for votes to the whole Class using the email list available through the Alumni Association. The Election Committee will arrange for the candidate’s email to be sent.
  1. The voting period will be extended through 11 October, to ensure that Classmates have sufficient time to consider any additional information before voting. Even with this extension, we will be able to meet all of the time requirements set by the Class Bylaws.

This recommendation was accepted and this email provides for its implementation.

Additionally, the Election Committee is attaching all of the Candidate’s Statements to this email, which will ensure that every Classmate has the opportunity to read them.

As always, it is our intention to be as open and fair in the conduct of our election.  We apologize for any confusion that this situation causes.

If you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or the other members of the Election Committee:

Your vote counts!


Brett Ayotte, Chairman, 2023 Election Committee