Class of 78 Prayer Breakfast – Part Two

Classmate VADM Mark Fox, 18th Co., will deliver a message of inspiration and encouragement at our 40th Reunion Prayer Breakfast. Mark has had the ultimate Naval warrior’s career — from A-7’s to F-18’s; flying in the “Line of Death” operations against Libya in 1986; launching as a spare on the first daytime carrier strike of the Gulf War and with his wingman shooting down two supersonic Iraqi MIG’s; commanding the Navy’s first Super Hornet squadron; and as Air Wing Commander aboard the carrier Constellation, being the strike lead and mission commander for the opening strike of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Mark’s experience at the highest levels of command have been no less remarkable. After serving as Air Wing Commander, he served as 1-star spokesman for the Multi-National Force Iraq in Baghdad, later as Commander of Naval Central Command/5th Fleet in Bahrain, then Deputy CNO for Operations, Plans and Strategy at the Pentagon, and ultimately as Deputy Commander of CentCom.

Mark’s friends and classmates know him for his sense of humor, his genuineness, and his down-to-earth style. During his 38 years of service, Mark has been faithful to his God and deeply aware of God’s faithfulness to him. You won’t want to miss his encouraging message and this time of inspiration as the Class of ’78 celebrates God’s faithfulness to each of us in life’s ups and downs.