2024 Distinguished Graduate Award recipients to be announced today

Drumroll please…we are almost ready to announce this year’s 2024 Distinguished Graduate Award recipients. The four recipients range from the great class of 1968 to the great class of 1978. Can you guess who they are? The first person to correctly name all four 2024 DGA recipients will be receiving some Navy swag!

Here are some clues:

• This recipient was a White House fellow and a Rhodes Scholar. Their final assignment was Commander-in-Chief, US Pacific Command.

• Our second recipient served 38 years as a commissioned nuclear qualified surface warrior and was the 78th Commandant of Midshipmen.

• This next recipient co-founded a ship repair company with an Academy classmate and then went on to be the founder of Fairlead Integrated. They have been a member of the Naval Academy Foundation Board of Directors since 2006.

•Our final recipient won the Atlantic Fleet Shiphandler of the Year award twice, on two different ship classes. They have been a leader in the power generation and utilities industry for over forty years. They are also a member of the board of the Naval Academy Foundation, a trustee of the Naval Academy Foundation Athletic and Scholarship Programs, Chairman of the Board of Exelon Corporation, and a member of the Board of USAA.